Papa Huancana

Sliced potatoes in our famous andean

huanca cream. Also available with

Yuccas (Cassava).


Leche de Tigre

Diced white fish, fresh squeezed lime juice.

onions, celery, cilantro, spices. Peruvian

glant kernel & crispy corn.

Add seafood


Causa Rolls

Whipped yellow potato roll, stuffed with Mass

avocado and topped with your choice of:

Chicken / Shrimp / Octopus olive sauce

$11 / $12 / $14

Causa Trio

A sampler of our 3 causes chicken, shrimps &

octopus stufed with Hass avocado.


Palta Rellena (Seasonal)

Hass avocado stuffed with your choise of:

Chicken / Schrimp / Octopus olive sauce

$12 / $ 13 / $ 14

Choros a la chalaca

Steamed mussets topped with diced

onions, tomatoes, leche de tigre & Peruvian

giant kernels (Served cold)


Chicharron de calamar
(o Pescado)

Crispy Calamart (or Fish), fried yuccas

onions, creople sauce. Peruvian corn &

tartar sauce.


Skewers / Anticuchos

3 Skewers of tender veal heart, panca

sauce, golden crispy potatoes & Peruvian

giant kernels.



Aguadito de Pollo

Homemade, old fashioned chicken soup,

mixed veggies, potatoes, rice and cilantro.

$4 / $7

Chilcano de Pescado

Groupers fish broth in a large bowl with

diced white fish, spaghetti and scallions.


Parihuela Mixta Mariscos

Seafood and fish Peruvian style,

bouillabaisse (Large bowl).


Chupe de Camarones

Large bowl of shrimp chowder, melted

white cheese, potatoes, egg rice & veggies.



House Salad

Fresh mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce,

shredded red cabbage and carrots with our

homemade Inka creamy vinaigrette.


Inka mixed Salad

Freshly mixed cut of iceberg & romaine

lettuce. Hass avocado, tomatoes, onions,

oregano flakes, lime, oil & red wine vinegar.


Seafood Salad

Romaine & iceberg lettuce mix, seafood,

Hass avocado, red onions, oregano, bathed in

lime juice, oil and red wine vinegar.



Ceviche Clasico

Our Fish Ceviche is served cold and marinated

with freshly squeeze limes, blended with Peruvian

peppers, garnished with sweet potatoes and

Pperuvian giant kernels. Add: Aji amarillo or Olive

sauce or Rocoto sauce.


Ceviche Mixto Clasico

Classic Fish & Seafood ceviche in leche de

tigre. Add: Aju amarillo or Olive sauce or Roccoto




Ceviche Inka

White fish, shrimp, leche de tigre, rocoto

creame, choclo, cancha & sweet potato.


Ceviche milagroso

White fish, octopus, lime juice,

olivo cream, onions, choclo, cancha

& sweet potato.


Ceviche Carretillero

White fish, crispy calamari, lime joice,

aji amarillo, choclo, onions & sweet potato


Ceviche mixto

Mixed Ceviche, An incredible fresh mix of fish, shrimps, calamari and octopus, marinated in recently squeezed limes, with the aromatic ajilimo and a hint of rocoto, tossed with feather cut onions and sprinkled cilantro, served with a sweet potato cut, steamed Perivian corn kernels and crispy cancha corn.



Thin hand carved fresh white fish, Peruvian style sashimi with the Peruvian pepper cream of your choice

Tiradito Tricolor

White, Yellow & red cream. (Blanco, Aji Amarillo,



Tiradito - One cream only

White, Yellow, Red, Olive.


To Share

Jalea Mixta

Crispy seafood and fish, yuccas, Peruvian giant

kernels, crispy corn, onion creole sauce, lime

juice, tartar sauce ( Serves 3+)


Trilogia Inka

A winning combo of 3 favorites, seafood

ceviche mixto in aji amarillo, crispy

calamari and octopus causa roll al

olivo (Serves 4)


Ceviche Sampler

A great selection of 4 traditional ceviche styles,

in leche de tigre, olivo, rocoto, aji amarillo creams.

Add seafood + $ 5 ( Serves 4+ )




Lomo Saltado

A masterpiece of sauteed tender beef pieces, with

onions, tomatoes, French fries, sprinkled cilantro,

soy sauce and spices. Serve with rice.

Chicken / Seafood / Shrimp

$18 / $21 / $222

Tacu-Tacu con Lomo Saltado

Sauteed Beef with our Peruvian creole

creation of crispy rice & beans cake, olive

oil, diced scallions & peppers.

Chicken / Shrimp / Steak

$19 / $21 / $24


Tallarines Verde con Churrasco

Juicy Steak with delicious Peruvian style

spaghetti al pesto, bathed in homemade cream

of basil, spinach, peanuts, parmesan cheese.


Tallarines Saltado Pollo

Sauteed spaghetti with nchicken, onions,

tomatoes, cilantro, soy sauce & spices.

Chicken / Shrimp / Seafood

$20 / $21 / $22

Fettuccini con camarones

Sauteed shrimps with our amazing fettuccini al

dente, bathed in Andean huancaina cream,

sprinkled diced peppers & shredded parmesan




Pescado a la plancha

Grilled (or fry) fish fillet, with 2 sides.

French fries / Salad / Rice / Beans / Yuccas.


Pescado sudado

Poached fish fillet, fish broth, panka pepper,

onions, tomato, sweet potato. Served with white

rice. Add seafood or shrimps $21



Crispy fish fillet in our signature seafood

cream topped with shrimp, octopus

calamari, mussels and crispy yuccas.

Served with Tacu-tacu (rice & beans cake)


Pescado a lo macho

Crispy fish fillet in our signature seafood cream,

topped with shrimp, octopus, calamari, mussels,

diced peppers & fried yuccas. Served with white rice.



Pollo a la brasa entero

1 Pollo a la Brasa 1/4. Quarter Rotisserie Chicken + Two sides, fries, salad, rice or beans.

2 Pollo a la Brasa 1/2. Half Rotisserie Chicken + Two sides, fries, salad,rice or beans.

ONE WHOLE POLLO + Two Large sides, french fries, salad, rice or beans (Serves 4)

$12.04 / $15.74 / $26.86

Tacu Tacu de pollo

A marvelous creation of the Peruvian Creole cuisine; a condo offried rice and beans to the pan with a hint of virgin olive oil, molded into a perfect crispy combination, served with sautèed chicken chunks in a wok with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a reduction of their juices.



Chaufa de carne

Chaufa with beef, A de licious wonder fried rice Peruvian style, mixed with certified Angus beef chunks, fice, soy sauce, green onions and egg pieces. It will bring you the perfect blend between Oriental and Creole fusions.


Steak / Churrasco

Fresh tender steak, served with

2 sides: French fries, salad, rice, pinto

beans, crispy yuccas.


Lomo saltado

A masterpiece of juicy sautéed certified Angus beef chunks, with orions, tomatoes and sprinkled cilantro in a reduction of their juices, served over fries and with a side of rice.


Tacu Tacu con Lomo Saltado

A marvelous creation of the Peruvian Creole cuisine; a combo of fried rice and beans to the pan with a hint of virgin olive oil, dolded into a perfect crispy combination, served with sautèed Angus beef chunks in a wok with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a reduction of their juices. Also available in creamy seafood


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